Owens Advising, LLC is an advising partner that focuses on developing business strategies primarily through the use of technology. We work with our clients to transform their challenges into positive opportunities.

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Owens Advising allows businesses to optimize their resources in order to efficiently and successfully reach objectives. Specializing in technology integration, we allow businesses to make the most out of valuable tools such as interactive websites, custom web applications, social media networking and much more.

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Great Starts

You’re here because you know that your business could do more and be more.



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We want to help you feel comfortable and confident moving forward and embracing new ideas.



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Step by Step

Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services from general consulting to specialized project management.



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Happy Clients

View testimonials from our happy clients, then become one!


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"Ian has managed to take on a large group of diverse client requests and wrangle them into a unified maintenance process that delivers quality quickly, and keeps every client appeased despite their competing priorities. He is an effective communicator and facilitator.”

Sean Brasher
VP of Technology - Intermark Group

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Ian. His project management skill-set, attention to detail and communication strategies are as top notch as they can possibly get...His ability to manage several different projects, enhancements and support initiatives at the same time shows that his cadence is steady and professional."

Rob Steinberg, Senior Client Advocate/Business Analyst
JM Family Enterprises

"Ian is a quick learner and his natural leadership ability made working with him that much easier. His ability to learn systems, interconnectivity of data, and business rules quickly, is key to his great success. His ability to work fluidly with all of his peers including developers, account managers, designers, and clients is impressive. He is extremely personable and a great person to work with. Ian would be a great, not just good, addition to any team.”

Tyler Duke
CTS, Inc.

“Ian is a bright and intelligent person. He excels at all that he puts his energy toward. He is especially talented in adopting and mastering new technologies."

Cynthia Lohrke, Ph.D.
Samford University

“Ian is an extremely well organized task manager who never fails to follow up, but has the ability to do it without causing undue stress on his production folks. He's also excellent at dealing with diverse and sometimes difficult personalities. Ian has a good understanding of technology and how different pieces of the puzzle relate to each other, making him extremely easy to communicate with when discussing complex concepts. Working with Ian on a difficult task makes it seem far simpler!”

Donnie Garvich
Intermark Group

"Ian is a dedicated and highly goal oriented manager. It is always a pleasure to work with him on projects because he very effectively keeps everything on track without ever micromanaging. His knowledge and passion for this business allow Ian to become an integral part of any team."

Mike Heitzke
Isotope 11

"Owens Advising has taken The Bread Lady from selling locally at farmers markets to globally with a website. From wording to incorporation of pictures, Ian did an outstanding job of putting me on a level playing ground with like businesses. His ideas and advice have been invaluable to my business."

"Ian is a very unique find in the world of technology and web development. Ian led a web development project for us and it was a very positive experience. If you're looking for someone who "gets it" when it comes to scope, project management, best practices, and execution, then Ian is a perfect fit. We would highly recommend Ian and his team without any reservations whatsoever."

Les Bradford

"Ian was essential in helping us launch our company. We are a web driven, e-commerce site with lots of moving parts. Ian's vision and execution were near flawless. He provided us with a solid foundation that equipped us to grow and succeed. He is as proficient and savvy a technology solutions provider as you could hope to find, and I would recommend him without hesitation."

Andy Blanks



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