[toggle_framed title=”Initial Consultation”] KickoffDuring our initial consultation, we simply want to listen to you and determine what your goals are. We’ll ask which efforts have been made to reach those goals and discuss what has and what has not worked out so well.

We promise not to condescend, but we will have an honest conversation about how to move from point A to point B. If you’ve come to us, it’s because you finally want to align your actions with your goals and that’s where we can help![/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”Business Needs Review”] Review After discussing your goals, we’ll determine a game plan on exactly how we’ll go about reaching them. We’ll make sure we’re on the same page and that you and your business understand exactly why we’re doing what we are.

We’ll also lay out measures of success complete with milestones & timelines so we can measure our success as we move along.

[toggle_framed title=”Strategic Deployment”] DeployAfter we agree on the plan, we’ll help you and your business deploy the plan effectively. Often times we’ll be your partner for the plan’s deployment but¬†occasionally¬†we may bring in other partners to help assist us. This is often true for large infrastructure changes or when legal expertise is needed.

Regardless of who we ask to help, know that Owens Advising will be with you every step of the way, helping you align your actions with your goals and making sure we stay focused on the strategic plan.

[toggle_framed title=”Ongoing Implementation Review”] DeployDeploying the new plan is only the start of our relationship. After deployment, Owens Advising will continue to help you monitor your success through ongoing reviews of initial goals and by helping to define new goals, next steps, and successful plans.

Just like we as people never stop growing & improving, neither should your business. Goals are simply dreams with deadlines and we’ll help you keep your eye on the finish line!